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Sacrifice or Suicide?

For many years now I have had a problem with what Christians believe happens in the afterlife to those who suicide. I was advised by the kindest, most emphatic (sarc) Catholic priest that they burn in hell because they have self murdered & this is against God’s law. (Again – people really need to read their bible) I don’t get it to be honest. Didnt Jesus Christ commit suicide by Roman to fulfil prophecy? Well this is my take on it anyway.

Ye know that after two days is the feast of the passover, and the Son of man is betrayed to be crucified. Matthew 26:2

Many Christians believe that Jesus came to redeem man to God by His death on the cross and to forgive man’s sins. In some instances we have the death of Jesus, yet at other times you see the same Christians making the claim that Jesus “lives.” Did he actually die or does he live? It cannot work both ways. Even if the death means a temporary death, it gives little value for an eternal sacrifice. But regardless of which way one believes, the morality of such an act deserves questioning.

If Jesus equals a god, then he could not have sacrificed his life, simply because an infinite god cannot die. If Jesus died as just a man, then he committed what we would today call suicide. If anyone believes his prediction in Matt 26:2 then Jesus must have known of his upcoming crucifixion. Jesus fulfilling his own prophecy says nothing about miraculous predictions for such self-fulfilling prophecies tend to carry themselves out. But if he lived as an all powerful being, he would have the power to avert his death. But he chose not to. Instead he consciously allowed his own death. Suicide. This act of self destruction, especially in light of a horrible disfigured and bleeding torso nailed to a cross hardly gives an exemplary act of the expression of life. On the contrary, such a scene equals that of horror movies designed to scare people out of their wits. Who knows how many children have experienced psychological problems after witnessing an image of a tortured man nailed to a cross at Sunday school. (By the way, any graven image of Christ violates the second commandment Exodus 20:4-5

As to the sacrifice, just what did Jesus sacrifice? According to the Bible, he certainly did not sacrifice his life. Jesus went to Heaven, (the right hand side of God) supposedly a place of peace, calm and everlasting joy. But as a man on earth, Jesus received death threats, attempts at stoning, and condemnation by his enemies. Exiting the problems on earth for the joys of heaven hardly gives an example of noble sacrifice. On the contrary, it appears that Jesus escaped his problems, leaving his disciples on their own for a life in perfect heaven. Should we teach our children to emulate such a selfish act?

Did Jesus redeem man from his sacrifice? History shows that violence of man against man has increased since the alleged “sacrifice.” Wars, terrorist acts, murders, and suicides have occurred because of faithful acts in the name of Jesus. It appears that the sacrifice resembles the curse of a demon rather than that of a savior. Furthermore, believing that his death forgives sins only provides reason for committing them in the first place. Why should anyone feel so disagreeable about committing sins when they feel that Jesus has already forgiven them? No wonder jails contain so many Christian zealots. Regardless of how “Caesar’s” laws treat them, they think of themselves as specially forgiven.


Query 1

Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom. Matthew 16:28


Most Christians do not realize that Jesus’ promise of his second coming did not apply to our generation or to a future generation, but only to the generation of his time. Also, Jesus said in Rev 3:11: “Behold I come quickly…

Those poor people of early Christianity! They thought the texts got written for them, yet Jesus never fulfilled his promise.

Two thousand years have rolled by and yet many “true” believers still await his “quick” return. As any school child knows, anyone who does not keep promises does not deserve our trust, much less our admiration.

Furthermore, to believe in a second coming and the end of the world gives no reason to feel concerned about the long-term future of Earth. Why should we care about the environment, wars, or suffering if we believe that the world will come to an end soon and that everything will get taken care of in heaven?

Thoughts on The Christian God

I’ve been thinking alot about “God” lately. Like, even if there IS one & to be totally specific – the Christian one. People like myself were tortured in the most horrific ways that Man could devise then put to death in other ingenious ways for even daring to voice this opinion. Why can’t we question God’s existence without all this damnation? Why the collective gasp of horror then the strident religious voices screaming their damnation of MY soul?

This question has been doing my head in lately. What if ALL religions are just a cruel delusion? What if Man is totally insane & has done the most atrocious things to both each other & this planet in the name of Gods that just don’t exist? This is not a wavering in faith, this is a total overhaul of my beliefs. Take the Christian God for example & His butchering, bloody & murderous ways. I just don’t get how seemingly rational people can believe in a God that demands the death of BILLIONS of people. I don’t get how seemingly kind & warm people can worship a God that advocates infantcide, rape, incest & murder. You say it dosent exist & that I am talking out of my arse? READ your Bible people, it’s all there, every last, disgusting story, the parts the priests don’t broadcast, the parts people studiously ignore & skip over. Read it & feel as sick as people like myself do. Welcome to the hoax, welcome to this Christian delusion & nightmare.

I have Christian friends, I talk with alot of them online but they are so stuck in their beliefs, so pedantic about their God, they have no room for anything else, for any other alternative belief. I’ve read on a certain blog someone stating emphatically that YOGA is satanism, that fortune tellers are the devil’s cohorts & that the end of the world is all of God’s master plan. WTF??? What would a supposedly loving, benelovent, merciful God put his children through such pain & agony for? It is beyond me that people can believe in such nonsense. I’d say 99% of the problems in this world, today, right now are caused by religion. I am over it, over being preached to by people that worship a demon God who smashes the heads of babies against rocks. Leave me out of this insanity please. I’m getting off this carousel.