Storms hit Sydney as tornado strikes NSW lake

With more than 300 lightning strikes, bucketing rain and reports of fishing boats missing in a tornado, last night was the epitome of wild weather. Sydney’s northern beaches were the hardest hit by a thunderstorm that moved over the city’s east and northern suburbs late yesterday. Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Jake Phillips said Avalon received 36mm in just half an hour. Advertisement: Story continues below “That was far and away the highest rainfall figures we saw,” Mr Phillips said. Weatherzone meteorologist Doug Fenton said there were about 328 lightning strikes in the Sydney Basin overnight. “There was certainly a lot, particularly in the northern suburbs. “For Sydney, 328 is quite a lot.” Other northern suburbs were drenched, including 28mm at Mona Vale and 27mm at Hornsby, in what Mr Phillips described as a fairly typical Sydney summer thunderstorm. Less typical, however, was a storm that hit Lake Burrendong in the state’s central west yesterday afternoon. Police said heavy hail hit about 5pm, when many fishermen were out on the water. Several boats were unaccounted for for hours as police, State Emergency Service volunteers and a helicopter searched for them. They were all found by about 8.15pm and no injuries were reported to police. Initial media reports last night suggested the lake had been hit by a tornado, but Mr Phillips said that had not yet been confirmed by meteorologists. The wild weather may have been caused by a “micro burst” from a type of thunderstorm called a supercell. “It’s when you get a particularly severe thunderstorm and you get a burst of cold air that comes out of the thunderstorm and rushes towards the ground. “The storm that was over that way, from what we could see on the radar, it looked like a supercell thunderstorm. “That’s a particularly severe type and often with supercells, not always but often, we see things like large hail and a lot of wind damage as well as heavy rain.”

Stephanie Gardiner



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