KGB arrest Aussie at topless protest

An Australian video operator for a topless protest group was arrested after a  rally in Belarus led KGB security agents to “kidnap” a number of protesters and  force them to strip naked in a forest, threatening to torch them, the group  says.

Ukranian feminist group FEMEN, which operates under the slogan “I came, I  stripped, I won,” on Monday appealed for Australian diplomats to help secure  Kitty Green’s release on its website.

‘‘FEMEN urges diplomatic missions of Australia (to) strongly interfere with  the fate of its citizen. The women’s movement FEMEN requires the Belarusian  authorities to immediately release the journalist,’’ it said.

Security guards detain an activist from women's rights group Femen.Security guards detain an activist from women’s rights group Femen. Photo: Reuters

A video on Ukranian feminist group FEMEN’s website shows bare-chested  protesters wearing fake moustaches ‘‘strikingly reminiscent of…Lukashenko,’’ and holding posters that read “Freedom for political prisoners” on the  anniversary of a brutal crackdown on protests against president Alexander  Lukashenko’s controversial re-election.

Belarus police had arrested dozens of regime opponents who tried to stage a  banned vigil in Minsk on the same day.

The group said yesterday that KGB agents had interrogated and intimidated Ms  Green ‘‘and forcibly seized all the photos and videos.’’


Kitty Green ... pictured on Facebook.Kitty Green … pictured on Facebook.

She was only released after the Australian embassy in Moscow intervened,  FEMEN said.

Ms Green has reportedly since told friends on Facebook she had left the  country through Lithuania and was safe.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade confirmed an Australian  journalist was detained in Minsk on 19 December and later released.

‘‘Consular Officials from the Australian Embassy in Moscow provided the  journalist with consular assistance,’’ a DFAT spokeswoman said.

‘‘The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Canberra provided assistance  to the journalist’s family in Australia.”

– With AFP

Jane Lee  –  WA Today


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