Severe storm lashes South Australia

Storm clouds approach as waves form in the sky

Huge hailstones, lightning, strong winds and heavy rain hit most of the state on Saturday.

State Emergency Services (SES)  said they have been have been inundated with calls, while efforts made by SES crews to reach call-out locations had been hindered.

In some areas the roads have been all but impassable because of the size of the trees that have fallen.

Strong winds had torn roofs from farming sheds, and there had been many reports of damage to cars and crops as hailstones the size of golf balls fell in Whyalla, Cleve and Clare.

The amount of hail and the velocity of it, it actually formed solid blocks of ice in the gutters and the water was coming back in under the roof because it couldn’t get out through the normal gutters

The weather bureau has issued storm and gale warnings as the severe weather continues to move across the state.

ETSA crews have been working to restore power to nearly 2000 homes in the west coast region.


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